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Easiest Way to Prepare Perfect Paella

Paella. Paella is a rice dish originally from Valencia. For this reason, many non-Spaniards view it as Spain's national dish, but Spaniards almost unanimously consider it to be a dish from the Valencian region. Valencians, in turn, regard paella as one of their identifying symbols. Паэлья с морепродуктами (Paella Marinera).

Paella is – next to tortilla and tapas – Spain's internationally most well-known dish. The original recipe comes from Valencia, which is located at the. Serve up a fragrant paella to feed a crowd. You can cook Paella using 13 ingredients and 6 steps. Here is how you achieve it.

Ingredients of Paella

  1. You need 350 g of rice.
  2. You need 700 g of chicken.
  3. It’s 300 g of rabbit.
  4. You need 15 g of sweet paprika.
  5. Prepare of Saffron threads, to taste (you can substitute a teaspoon of yellow food colouring).
  6. It’s 450 g of crushed tomato.
  7. You need 400 g of green beans.
  8. You need 100 g of broad beans.
  9. You need 3-4 of artichokes.
  10. Prepare 100 g of white beans.
  11. Prepare 15 cl of Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Spain.
  12. It’s of Water.
  13. It’s to taste of Salt.

This classic Spanish rice dish usually contains seafood, but we also have meat, veggie and mixed versions. Serve up a fragrant paella to feed a crowd. Types of paella include Valencian paella, vegetable paella (Spanish: paella de verduras), seafood paella (Spanish: paella de mariscos), and mixed paella (Spanish: paella mixta), among many others. Paella is a traditional Spanish dish made by cooking Calasparra rice with saffron, stock and a Take your pick of our easy paella recipes – from chicken and chorizo paella, to seafood or vegetarian paella.

Paella instructions

  1. Pour the extra virgin olive oil into the pan so that the entire bottom is coated. Set the extra virgin olive oil on a low heat..
  2. Once the extra virgin olive oil is heated, add the chicken, rabbit and salt. Cook the meat until golden brown, then add the vegetables..
  3. Once the vegetables have lightly sautéed, make a well in the mixture and add the tomato and paprika. Cook the ingredients on a medium heat..
  4. After a minute, fill the paella pan with water until the very top. Add a little more salt and let it cook for 20 minutes. Now comes the important moment. When the water has been reduced by half, add the rice and the saffron or colouring. Mix the ingredients together, turn the heat up high and cook for eight minutes or until the rice becomes visible from underneath all the liquid..
  5. Turn the heat down low and cook for another six or seven minutes. If after this period of time you still see liquid in the pan, turn up the heat to medium intensity for the final few minutes..
  6. Remove the pan from the heat and let the paella sit for about five minutes; now, then this magnificent dish is ready to serve. As you can see, the steps are very simple; the most difficult part of making paella is the amount of time required at each step. Judging the exact moment to add each ingredient is also key. Bon appetit!.

Paella has bits of everything I love: rice, seafood, and most importantly socarrat: crispy crunchy toasted rice bits. Have you ever been obsessed with a dish even though you've never eaten it? Nourishing, vibrant, and without pretension, paella has held a place of honor and practicality in Spanish homes for centuries. Paella remained a regional food for a good long while. Back when that original paella recipe was After a few days of polling Valencia's chefs on the finer points of paella, I decided to leave them to.

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